About Us

We have been in Stathern since the early 70’s. I relied, in those days, on travelling around the local villages selling from the back of my van and rented the shop just as a base to work from. I could not have survived here without the van as the trade in the shop from the quiet village was never going to keep us going.

After we purchased the shop and house 10 years ago things have completely turned around and the shop is now the hub of the business. The village has grown around us and is lucky enough to have a butchers and bakers, post office, village shop, garage and a public house and carvery The Plough at Stathern.

I learnt to butcher in the old ways. We had a slaughterhouse and had to cut carcases from scratch, none of the vac-packed meats that come in little boxes these days. You learnt every cut that there was and what each piece was suitable for. Sadly a lot of the cheaper cuts disappeared for years but now seem to be making a come back thanks to the celebrity chefs on TV which is good to see.

David and Jean Cox

“awesome sausages - absolutely nothing else can come close to matching their quality and taste”

Daniel Reed